Why Do I Still Look Pregnant?

You may wonder why do you still look pregnant immediately after giving birth? After childbirth you lose the weight of your child, the placenta, and some fluids but your belly does not look as it did in your prenatal photographs. It is important to understand that it is completely normal to still look slightly pregnant after giving birth. It will take time to lose weight after pregnancy. For some women it takes weeks to lose their baby belly. Your body underwent incredible changes and you carried a baby for 9 months. Give it time to recover. Your first step to lose weight after pregnancy is to be patient.

Your body will undergo hormonal changes after giving birth as well. These hormones cause your breasts to produce milk as well as cause your hips and pelvic area to return to its pre-pregnancy state. You may experience changes in eating habits or desires so it is important to remain on a healthy diet with proper nutrition. In addition, these hormones may be the reason some women experience postpartum depression or anxiety.

Your skin and abdominal muscles will begin to contract and tighten. Some women develop hernias because they begin working out too soon and their stomach muscles have not yet recovered. Allow your stomach muscles to slowly contract to a point where it is safe to begin working out your core.

Immediately after giving birth your uterus will begin to contract to stop the bleeding after the placenta detaches from the uterus. However, it may take up to 4 weeks for your uterus to return to its normal size. During this first month, many women lose 8 to 20 pounds of fluids. Don’t expect to continue losing weight at this rate. To lose weight after your pregnancy and feel great you need proper nutrition, exercise, and above all patience.


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