When To Start To Lose Weight After Pregnancy?

One of the first things to consider when to lose weight after pregnancy is determining when is the best time to begin a diet and a workout plan. Every woman’s body reacts differently with diet and exercise and no two pregnancies are the same. Determining when to start mainly depends on your activity prior to the pregnancy and the delivery method during childbirth. There might be other factors so you should always talk to your doctor prior to any workout plan to determine if you are healthy.

Some people do not realize that a c-section is considered a major surgery. Even if you feel well after a few weeks you should still wait at least 8 weeks to 3 months before working out. You want to make sure that you have fully recovered and that your abdominal wall muscles are strong enough for core exercises.

If you delivered your baby naturally then you may begin to working out around 6 weeks to 2 months after delivery. If you were actively working out prior to your pregnancy then chances are that you will be able to begin working out sooner rather than later. However, you should still give your body some time to recover and it is also recommended to wait at least 6 weeks.

Don’t begin working out if you are not feeling well. If you push yourself too soon to lose weight after pregnancy you may end up with an injury. I know several women who did not start to work out until 6 months after their delivery which is just fine. Just having a baby around the house will give you plenty of opportunities to move around and burn some calories. Be patient. It will take time to lose weight after pregnancy and if you can start off right you will have better success at achieving your goal.


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